Tax Shield

Create a Property Tax Depreciation Schedule For Only $300.00+GST

Things you Should Know

TaxShield is a launch of an innovative Tax Depreciation Service.  TaxShield will assist you in determining your Tax Depreciation and Property Allowances on your investment property.  The TaxShield Depreciation Schedule is Simple, Quick and Affordable, whilst being Fully ATO-Compliant and Recognised to the Current ATO Legislation for Property Allowances in Australia

In accordance with the ATO’s published, permitted and encouraged Self-Assessment Strategy, Astute Property Investors are now able to assist our Qualified Professional Quantity Surveyors with the simple assessment and quantification of plant and assets in their investment property, as determined by the ATO.

While many taxpayers are heavily involved in the management of their investment properties, they often feel they lack the confidence, information and experience required to conduct a self-assessment for tax depreciation purposes.

In response to this, TaxShield was developed to guide and assist you in your own permitted Self-Assessment obligations with the knowledge and peace of mind of full guidance and support of a leading group of Qualified, Experienced and Professional Quantity Surveyors specialising only in Property Allowances and Tax Depreciation in Australia.

Using TaxShield, you will simply enter your property details, review and simply assess and quantify any depreciable assets you may own, and determine the Property Tax Allowance you are eligible to claim under Division 40 & 43 of the Income Tax Assessment Act, all under the strict guidance and support of a group of industry-leading Quantity Surveyors specialising in Tax Depreciation & Property Allowance.  Your investment property details and information will be reviewed, correctly valued, analysed, calculated and scheduled by us at TaxShield Pty Ltd.  You will receive an ATO-Compliant and Recognised TaxShield Depreciation Schedule, prepared by our Qualified, Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors, for the lifetime of your investment property via email and completed generally in 48-72 hours of submission.

TaxShield offers assistance to those Astute Property Investors wishing to simply determine their maximum available Property Allowances in a quick, simple, and affordable process.  After you conduct an inspection of your investment property by quantifying items using the TaxShield Plant & Equipment Checklist you download from our website, simply enter the property information and details with us, letting us at TaxShield do the rest for you by ensuring the maximisation of your tax entitlements and cash-flow on your investment property.

TaxShield was developed to assist the Property Investor by making depreciation simple, quick, and affordable.

If have any questions or enquiries about TaxShield, or any Tax Depreciation Matters in general, EMAIL us at or speak to one of our helpful Professional Quantity Surveyors on 1300 780 892