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TaxShield : A New Standard in Depreciation Schedules

Date: 01 November 2004 Source: TaxShield Pty Ltd

Astute property investors can now create Easy, Quick, Accurate and Affordable Tax Depreciation Schedules for Property Allowance with a brand new service called TaxShield.

The TaxShield Website utilises permitted and encouraged ATO Self-Assessment Laws and the combined guided expertise of Qualified & Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors to allow Asture Property Investors to effectively carry out their own simple assessment and quantification of Plant and Assets.

As a result, TaxShield is both simpler, quicker and affordable than most of the alternatives in the marketplace, while maximising investment property deductions.

The Expertise

TaxShield has been developed by Qualified & Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors to provide an innovative, quick, simple and affordable method to create a tax depreciation schedule of entitlements for an investment property.

Australian owned and run, TaxShield Pty Ltd consist of a group of Highly Qualified and Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyors widely regarded as being at the forefront of this discipline.

"In an ever-changing climate of Investment Property Tax Legislation," said Principal Quantity Surveyor, Alvin TEO, "TaxShield's goal is to stay constantly ahead of the demanding needs of our Clients with our expert advice and solutions. Our constant consultation with members of the ATO in relation to potential changes and amendments make this goal possible."

Are You Eligible?

If you own an Investment Property, you are eligible Under Division 42 & 43 of the Income Tax Assessment Act to claim property depreciation on all Items of Eligible Plant and Assets contained within the property. Secondly, if constructed after 1985, a Building Capital Works Allowance of either 2.5% or 4% may be applicable on the Historical Building Cost.

Regardless of age, ALL Properties contain Eligible Depreciable Plant and Assets that should be assessed and given a New Effective Life from the Date of Settlement. In addition, a Capital Works Allowance on the Building is available for any investment property with a construction start date after 17 July 1985.

An Accurate Tax Depreciation Schedule prepared by a Qualified & Experienced Professional Quantity Surveyor:

The Solution

Of the highest standard available in the marketplace, a TaxShield Depreciation Schedule is Fully Tax-Deductible Cost, guaranteed to meet the Current ATO Legislative Tax Standards and Requirements for Property Tax Depreciation and Property Allowance.

What's more, from start to finish, a TaxShield Depreciation Schedule will set you back just $300+GST, and boasts a guaranteed turnaround of 48-72 hours!

Interested? Then visit and you'll see that creating your Property Tax Depreciation Schedule couldn't be simpler! Just follow the prompts and answer each question, pay through our NAB secure online credit card gateway, and you will receive - (emailed as a PDF file) - a complete, Property Tax Depreciation Schedule for your investment property


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