About Us

A little about TaxShield and who we are.

About TaxShield

TaxShield is a pioneer in the field of tax depreciation for real estate investors. Founded in 2012 by Alvin Teo, we have been at the forefront of delivering cheap solutions that have revolutionised the industry. As the first provider of tax depreciation services, we pioneered the notion of desktop evaluations for properties with no physical access. This innovation has changed the landscape for Australian property investors.

TaxShield is an Australian-based Quantity Surveying Firm that operates under the remarkable leadership of Jasmine Teo. Our staff is made up of highly skilled and qualified Chartered Quantity Surveyors with specialised knowledge in tax depreciation. We provide complete property tax and building finance consulting services because to their constant focus.

We place a high priority on conforming to the current Australian Tax Office Legislative Tax Laws for Property Allowances and Tax Depreciation at TaxShield. Our major goal is to provide a simple, precise, and ATO-compliant method to tax depreciation schedules. Astute property investors may easily negotiate the complex landscape of tax depreciation by utilising our services, ensuring they maximise their returns while remaining within the confines of the law.

We recognise that for property investors, optimising profits and successfully managing cash flow are key issues. As a result, TaxShield helps investors to manage the financial tax elements of their assets. By working with us, investors obtain a thorough grasp of their tax requirements and prospects, allowing them to make well-informed decisions and plan their investment journeys intelligently.

With TaxShield as your trusted ally, you can maximise the value of your investment properties while maintaining peace of mind. Our constant dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction distinguishes us as the prefered alternative for dependable and competent tax depreciation services throughout Australia.


Who we are

We have created a team of great individuals that are experts in Tax Depreciation and Property Allowances at TaxShield Pty Ltd. Our Directors, Associates, and Quantity Surveyors bring with them a wealth of expertise and specialised understanding. They have extensive knowledge of all aspects of quantity surveying, including the precise estimation of building and construction expenses. Furthermore, their expertise extends to development and construction project management consulting services, allowing them to provide significant insights and recommendations.

Our staff provides precise and dependable tax depreciation estimates that comply with the Australian Tax Office Legislative Tax Laws. Our Directors provide strategic direction, ensuring that TaxShield remains at the forefront of the industry, while our Associates and Quantity Surveyors work hard to fulfil our clients' specific needs. Their extensive knowledge of tax depreciation legislation, property allowances, and building expenses enables them to provide complete advice that maximises the benefits for our clients' investment properties.

You can be confident that when you engage TaxShield with your tax depreciation and property allowance needs, you are obtaining services from seasoned professionals who are committed to providing excellence. Our team's dedication to remaining current on industry developments and providing personalised solutions distinguishes us. To assist our clients in optimising their investment plans and financial outcomes, we endeavour to deliver accurate assessments, relevant insights, and comprehensive guidance.


Our Philosophy

TaxShield Pty Ltd has evolved its approach to better serve our clients and maximize their benefits. While we previously embraced self-assessment principles, we have recognized that clients derive greater advantages from a comprehensive review conducted by our expert Quantity Surveyors. As a result, we have adjusted our fee structure slightly to cover the cost of this thorough assessment, ensuring that investors can enjoy higher deductions and ultimately put more money back into their pockets.

We believe in delivering value to our clients by offering a full review process that goes beyond self-assessment. Our team of experienced Quantity Surveyors diligently examines each property, leaving no stone unturned in identifying potential deductions. This meticulous approach allows us to uncover hidden opportunities and ensure that our clients claim the maximum allowable deductions available to them.

At TaxShield, we prioritize our clients' financial well-being and aim to provide services that truly make a difference. By raising our fees slightly to cover the cost of a comprehensive review, we can offer a higher level of service and expertise that translates into substantial financial benefits for our clients. We are dedicated to optimizing their investment returns and helping them achieve their financial goals.

When you choose TaxShield, you are selecting a partner who is committed to delivering tangible results. Our philosophy revolves around providing exceptional value, personalized attention, and expert advice that empowers investors to make the most of their investment properties. We take pride in our ability to secure higher deductions for our clients, ensuring that they receive a strong return on their investment in our services.